"I'm looking for someone who is continuing the same kind of programs we have, and uses the same approaches that we use."

-Donna Scaccio, Principal of Timonium Elementary 

"The professionalism and positive approach from your team was evident and was a welcomed addition to our special night. It is wonderful for us to be able to work so closely with you to provide learning opportunities for our students. "

-Cheryl Steeg, Principal of Joppatowne Elementary

"I really feel that from every layer on down, there is a true commitment to the children, to the families, to the school...It's absolutely the level of communication; it makes or breaks the program. It's been wonderful."

-Donna Scaccio, Principal of Timonium Elementary 

At Hot Spots Extended Care Program our passion for children doesn’t stop when the school day ends. Our vision is to promote academic achievement by extending learning outside of the classroom an strengthening the school-community relationship through collaboration and partnerships with educational leaders and community stakeholders.

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